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5 tips to prevent expensive water leaks in your rental property

As an estate agents in Birmingham offering property management services, we believe it is crucial to be well connected with reliable professionals from many different trades in case of situations where any maintenance or repairs are required. One of the very reputable companies we've had the pleasure of working with is ADI Leak Detection. They are specialists in internal and external leak detection and would like to offer our landlords some tips on preventing water leaks in your rental properties.

Unfortunately, regardless of the type or age of the property you own, you must always factor the cost of repairs into any rental scenario. Leaks can and will happen; the cunning rental property owner puts procedures in place to try and prevent significant damage from being done when the worst happens. Having dealt with many often disastrous leaks since the ADI opened for business, these are the tips we would give any prospective landlord.


1. Always Inspect Pipework and Pipe Lagging Before A New Tenant Moves In Although you can and should conduct regular checks and work when a tenant is in residence, it is a lot easier to perform these tasks before your new tenant moves into the property. It is worth spending a few pounds on a local plumbing company to inspect all of your pipework, any joints and of course, to ensure that all external pipework is lagged correctly to prevent water freezing in the cold and harsh Birmingham winter weather. Prevention is infinitely better than cure, and this is one of the best investments you will ever make when it comes to being a landlord.


2. Give Your New Tenants A Guided Tour And A Handbook With Easy To Follow Instructions

In our experience, the best chance you have to establish a positive relationship with your tenant is on the day they move in. Invest some time explaining everything to them, and prepare a handbook of instructions for the property. This should include things such as the boiler manual and, perhaps most importantly of all, the location of the stop cock. It is critical to get your tenant on side from the start because they will most likely be the person in residence if and when a leak occurs. By providing them with all of the vital information they need and showing them where the stopcock is physically, they will be much more likely to remember what to do if and when disaster strikes.


3. Regularly Service The Boiler and Central Heating System

As a landlord, you have to obtain a gas safety certificate annually. This is an excellent opportunity to also have your boiler properly and professionally serviced. The Gas Safe engineer will check your central heating system during the service and ensure it is working correctly and efficiently. The best advice is to get the service done in the autumn, prior to the time of year where it will be used the most.


4. Find and Seal Any Air Leaks

Another tip that many people overlook is to search for and find any air leaks that are letting cold air into your property, especially in areas with pipes. This cold air potentially has the capacity to freeze the water in the pipes leading to a catastrophic leak within the property. The key areas to search include areas of the property where there is electrical wiring, dryer vents, and where pipes enter or leave your property.


5. Don't Ignore The Taps.

A dripping tap might seem relatively innocuous, but a dripping tap can potentially cause your drains to freeze, which could then lead to water backup to your sink and the overflow. If the tenant ever complains of a leaking tap, replace the washers as a matter of urgency.


A landlord has to deal with a never-ending list of tasks and chores, but by following the tips above, you will dramatically reduce the chances of a large and expensive leak in your rental properties. And if you require a local plumbing company in Birmingham to either inspect your pipework and joints, service your boiler and central heating system, or if you suspect your rental property may have a hidden leak, you can get in touch with ADI Leak Detection via their website here or using the contact details below:

Tel: 0800 731 3843 Email:

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