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Why You Should Use An Estate Agent?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

At first glance, you might think that selling your property is something that you can do on your own. However, there are a number of benefits to hiring an estate agent in Birmingham which this article will demonstrate.


Before Your Property Is On The Market Before putting your property on the market, it is crucial to have an accurate valuation. This is a task best performed by an estate agent because they can remain objective to any sentiments or memories that may cause you to over-value your property.

A couple baking in their home in Birmingham

Additionally, as a property owner you might be aiming to generate as much profit as possible from the money you originally paid for the property. However, using comparative evidence, an estate agent will be able to give you a realistic valuation which is necessary to ensure that they are able to generate interest in your property. Buyers do their research and therefore, if your property is on the market for £325,000, but a near identical property in the same area is on the market for £300,000, where is their incentive to buy your property? Always bear in mind that your property is in competition with other properties on the market. What's more, before putting your property on the market, an estate agent will be able to view your property from a buyer’s perspective, and therefore, be able to identify things that need replacing or touching up. For example, renewing tile grout, as well as eliminating limescale and mouldy sealant on fittings can be a cost-effective way to spruce up the appearance of your home to potential buyers. For more information on how to make your property more attractive to potential buyers, you should read our article here.


Advertising Advertising your property with an estate agent also has many advantages. For instance, estate agents are capable of reaching a much bigger audience as they have access to and experience with professional facilities such as property portals, as well as social media advertising.

A phone showing social media

Advertising on social media has come a long way and estate agents are now able to direct their advertisements to a very targeted audience. Facebook, for example, allows advertisers to target their advertisements to people living in a specific location. Therefore, if you had a property for sale in Birmingham, an estate agent would be able to ensure that only people living in Birmingham saw an advertisement for your property. The estate agents may also have a list of contacts that could be interested in your property. Additionally, an estate agent will be better able to take high quality photos that highlight the most appealing features of your property, as well as a well-worded descriptions to accompany them.


Viewing Your Property When interest has been generated in your property, having an estate agent on board that is willing to conduct the viewings for you is a popular strategy to ensure that a sale is achieved in a reasonable time frame. Alternatively, conducting the viewings yourself is very inconvenient as it often means having to schedule them around your working hours, as well as taking time away from your evenings and weekends. Whereas, an estate agent will have the flexibility to be able to offer viewings at times that are convenient for potential buyers, without you having to take time away from work or other commitments. There are other advantages to allowing an estate agent to conduct the viewings of your property which have been discussed in our article here.


Selling Your Property

Moving furniture and boxes out of a property sold in Birmingham

Once an offer has been received for your property, an estate agent is essential to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly without any unnecessary delays. For example, an estate agent is able to conduct background checks on any potential buyer that puts forwards an offer to make certain they are able to afford the property. Furthermore, if a potential buyer hasn’t decided on a mortgage lender, an estate agent can point them in the right direction to a credible mortgage lender from the network of contacts they have established from their many years of experience. An estate agent is also aware of how long conveyancing processes are expected to take and when a follow up is necessary to check on the progress of any searches that are being carried out.


Throughout the sales process, from the start to the beginning, there may be many unknowns especially if you’re a first time buyer or seller. A benefit to having an estate agent that may be overlooked is that they are trained to guide and advise both the buyer and the seller with the understanding that buying and selling a property isn’t an everyday task and can cause some anxiety. Estate agents are there to help and the advantages of having one far outweigh the commission earned by them. If after reading this article you decide that require an estate agents in Birmingham, contact Matthews Estate Agents using the contact details below or visit our website here to find out more about us and what we can offer you.

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